Be part of a global revolution by partnering with an exciting smartphone brand that's taking the world by storm.

Doogee smartphones are winning customers the world over and attracting incredible reviews not only for their elegant user-friendly designs and performance, but also the unbelievable amount of features included in the asking price.

All Doogee smartphones are beautifully styled, and feature dual SIM and SD slots. Most are equipped with powerful quadcore processors, long-lasting batteries and expandable memory, while some feature dual and even quad camera functionality.

Who is Doogee?

  • Doogee is the third largest self-owned brand of Shenzhen KVD Communication Equipment International Group Limited.
  • Since its inception, Doogee has quickly built a name for itself in the global mobile market, earning a reputation for quality, innovation and design excellence.
  • The brand is currently available in 37 countries worldwide.
  • Cash Crusaders’ network of 208 stores have shown impressive Doogee sales results since adopting the brand.

The name Doogee embodies the brand's commitment to delighting customers around the world with its affordable technological innovations. Resellers are encouraged to live this ideology as the brand strives to spread its positive message across the globe.

Quality assurance

  • Quality and the customer experience are at the forefront of production.
  • Two ISO9001/CE/RoHS certified factories and 16 assembly lines manufacture approximately 800 000 handsets a month.
  • Doogee smartphones undergo extensive product and quality testing and are both GMS and ICASA approved.

Stock is procured via the registered agent and distributed via two centralised warehouses in Cape Town and Johannesburg. As an authorised reseller of Doogee, you will have access to exceptional after sales support and dedicated repair centres across South Africa.

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This lucrative opportunity is available to authorised distributors and retailers licensed to resell mobile phones.

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